Long time no website updates, should go into new year's resolution... I expect the posts will be weekly, but, as with weekly updates of an evening solo developer, updates will have less content (whatever's done during the week)

Here are some updates from last week, which is substantial thanks to holidays!

Map borders. I've added some meander border in the maps. It's comprised by just 3 tiles (corner, horizontal, vertical) and it supports rotations, so it can be applied seamlessly to any map. And ideally, at some point, it will be replaced by something prettier.

Map borders, using 3 repeating tiles (horizontal, vertical and corner)

Sprite silhouette correction. I've using alpha masking for sprites (not blending), and some sprites used to have some bad halo at their silhouettes when filtered (e.g. zoomed out too much), shown here (original, crispier version here). That was because of pixels with 0 alpha had unsuitable color values, and when filtered they got blended with the silhouette. Long story short, wrote a script to process all pixels with 0 alpha and replace their RGB content with the average of their non-transparent neighbour RGB values. Result here, halos gone.

Floating text. This was long overdue, and was kinda reminded of its importance from /u/nesguru 's updates (similar tileset, but Legend already has floating text). So, I went on to implement something. While I'm using Unity, I do not want to use that "£!$%^ Canvas system, and TextMeshPro (which is the go-to solution for such text) uses Canvas, so ... I had to roll my own solution! There's a paper from Valve for SDF fonts, and some nice person developed an extension for that, which addresses a few issues. So, I went on to implement that, which involved picking some free font online (I chose Roboto Slab from Google Fonts), converting it into a texture, preparing a special JSON with configuration, and a few shaders and a special particle system later, and that was it. I copied a bit the idea from Tangledeep where floating text goes into random directions sometimes (although there's a now-fixed bug in the video, and text goes left-ish only), and I've also added support for a typewriter effect to be used in certain cases (when characters talk in to-be-developed cutscenes etc)

Battle floating text
Typewriter effect

More decals. Added a few more possible decals in levels, especially in some biome areas (so that it's not just bones and blood), so they look a bit less empty. Example shown in the video below.

Short gameplay video showing decals, floating text, and map borders

Name change? I've been contemplating more and more a name change, and put up a couple polls on the Roguelikes subreddit (here) and Twitter (here). Any opinions welcome!

That's it and happy new year to everyone!