So, at the moment the serialization works and the game starts in debug in a few seconds, loading lots of stuff from disk. Territories, routes, cities, etc are all pre-created and serialized in. What's next? The overworld-level play, in the beginning played at a coarse-simulation level by NPCs. This should be fun. So, it goes as follows:

  • Generate every so often adventure locations (uncovered tombs, unearthed creatures in mines, dungeons, bandit camps, you name it)
  • Cities and guilds occasionally give quests
  • Heroes can accept quests and travel to locations, and succeed or die trying.
    • Overworld travel applies some coarse simulation based on level, skills, biome, chances of ambush, etc
    • Dungeon clearing applies some coarse simulation based on level, skills and dungeon traits
  • Heroes can join other heroes and form parties
  • I can watch them play and die, eating popcorn
  • Filter the logs to track individual heroes and parties

What becomes apparent from the above is the need for everything in the title: parties, quests, adventure locations, levels, stats and skills. This is fun stuff, and very very prone to change, but we need to start from somewhere. For quests and adventure locations I have a few books full of good ideas (Tome of Adventure Design, Ultimate Toolbox, Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations), so they will be utilized. For stats and skills, I like DnD but I also like some cRPG systems, like Might and Magic series (especially the skill mastery levels and how you need to find trainers to advance a tier). Further posts will target and expand on these subjects